Bradley Clements


Country:        England

Age:        11

Bradley started on a LEM then graduated to a KX 60 auto on his 6th birthday.  After winning the Auto Champ series on his second year, Bradley moved up to a KX65, and now rides a KX85.

Bradley rides for his hometown club, Mid Sussex Schoolboy Club. He's come in 5th and 2nd on his KX85.

Favorite Rider:  David Vuillemin

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite Track in So Cal: Starwest

Favorite Amusement Park: Six Flags

Favorite Video Game: SX Circuit

Favorite Bike: Kawasaki (everything he owns is green)

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The pictures at Starwest were taken while Brad was on vacation with his family.  Brad was able to attend the first 2 SX events while here in So Cal

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