Demi and Gage Hingeley


City: Pacific Beach (near San Diego)

Dad David got the kids into riding in order to give them an opportunity to try a different sport.  He feels that riding a dirt bike will help the kids develop a much greater sense of self esteem and coordination.

Demi - Age 6

Gage - Age 4

1. Riding without training wheels since four years old.

2. Started riding MX last September

3. Talks about jumping her MX cycle and wants to know how

high she went.

4. Has been exposed to the interior of Mexico since 6

months old. Also likes deep sea fishing and camping.

5. Attends a Spanish immersion school to become bilingual

within the next year or two.

6. Will be a blonde MX sensation sponsored by Mexico and

will retire at a ridiculously young age buying her parents a vacation villa in Cabo

1. Riding without training wheels since three years old.

Wanted to beat his sister.

2. Started MX at three and a half.

3. Wants to know if he jumped higher than his sister!

4. Wants to catch bigger fish than his sister!

5. Already understands and speaks Spanish!

6. Wants to beat his sister on the track!

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The pictures were taken at Elsinore while the kids were getting in some riding (2-2-00) 

Demi is wearing the white helmet and Gage the blue helmet

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